Smart queue management solution

Smart queue management solution
Queue management as simple as 1, 2, 3

Smart queue management solution

Designed for an easy and optimized management of visitors, IzyFil proposes a unique approach for guests and operators: greater simplicity and efficiency.

IzyFil is a smart queue management system, it optimizes guests routing using interactives touchscreens kiosks with ticket dispenser and appointment scheduling. 

Kiosks :
  • Users register on a queue kiosk by selecting a task or service and a ticket is issued.
  • Screen(s) display current tickets and associated counters, and also the estimated waiting time.
  • Counter agents receive information about the current queue status and advanced notice of user demands.

Appointments :
  • Guests can schedule appointments
  • Visitors are called to the first available counter once appointment time is reached.
Exclusive :
+ A simple and powerful tool to communicate effectively during waiting time via your display screen (films and images) with our integrated video manager.
+ An instant messaging system allows employees to remain in contact for better responsiveness.

Izyfil : smartest solution for your guests and staff !

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Smart queue management solution - Product

Izyfil Queue Management system with digital signage
Izyfil is a smart queue management software dedicated to your organization.
Our solution embeds digital signage features to optimize visitors experience.
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